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Caravan Towing Training Course

Looking for caravan towing course in Nottingham? Look no further than Nottinghamshire Driving School (NDS).


B+E Caravan Towing Lessons in Nottingham.


We offer the best B+E caravan towing courses in Nottinghamshire. We have our own private off road driver
test centre, where you can conduct all types of manoeuvres in a relaxed, safe and controlled environment.
Our experienced B+E instructors, teach caravan towing at our fully facilitated premises on the Colwick Industrial estate in Nottingham. Our course supervisor is ex-armed forces and has experience in driving and towing all types of vehicles, including armored police Land Rovers, whilst working as a Police Officer in Northern Ireland.


Caravn Towing Training.


At your free 1-hour consultation we will establish how much training is required to pass the B+E test, reversing manoeuvre, trailer coupling and uncoupling, safe and efficient driving and the DVSA “show me tell me questions”

There will be 2 recommendations:

1. Further training required before putting in for the test.

2. Put you in for the test (normally this will be with experienced drivers with previous trailer towing experience).
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Our training centre has safe private off road parking facilities and we offer free refreshments.

There is hot and cold food for purchase.



So who can tow a trailer and who can’t and why?

From January 19th 2013 there are new rules for towing trailers with a car or small vehicle (cat B). Essentially from this date when you pass the B+E test the trailer you tow cannot be heavier than 3500kg, this refers to the plated weight (MAM) of the trailer, regardless of the Actual Laden Weight (ALW) when being towed.

Therefore if the trailer you tow has a Maximum Authorised Mass (plated weight) over 3500kg you will legally require category C1+E (7.5t plus trailer) to tow this trailer with a cat B vehicle. Caravan Towing Lessons, horsebox towing lessons.

For the vast majority of B+E drivers this will not be an issue as there are no cat B vehicles we are aware of that are legal to tow over 3500kg, and the trailer, caravan or horsebox that most people use will not be plated at more than 3500kg. Where the trailer being used is plated at more than 3500kg e.g a cattle trailer, then if it is only being used behind a cat B vehicle then consideration would need to be made for it to be down-rated and a new weight plate fitted for anyone passing their B+E test after 19th January 2013.

Anyone passing the B+E test before this date will be able to tow on the current rules e.g within the manufacturer’s stated towing limits for that vehicle, there is no consideration regarding the plated weight (MAM) of the trailer provided the Actual Laden Weight (ALW) does not exceed the towing capabilities of the vehicle.



• Eye test – reading a number plate at 10 meters as per the cat B driving test.

• You will have to answer 5 questions at the beginning of your test. For each incorrect answer there will be a driver fault recorded. Should you answer 5 incorrect answers then a serious fault will be recorded. NDS will give you a list of questions in a hand-out, for your revision at home. Our professional instructors will also be testing you on your knowledge and will be available for any questions prior to you taking your test.

• You must be able to demonstrate that you understand the principles of reversing manoeuvres and you can complete them safely and successfully. You will also complete a Stop on site manoeuvre.

• You must be able to couple and uncouple the trailer you are towing and demonstrate all the safety checks associated with trailer towing.

• Because you are towing a trailer you will have to demonstrate advanced planning skills and vehicle control.

• The main part of your test will be conducted on the road (approximately 50 mins) so it is important we ensure your driving is of a high standard. It is all too easy to have picked up some bad habits due to the length of time you have passed your test and we are here to ensure you get back on track.

• The training and test will take place at our DVSA Customer Approved Testing Centre.


Our training centre has safe private off road parking facilities and we offer free refreshments.

There is hot and cold food for purchase.


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John White

“I passed my driving test with Alan from NDS. A great instructor and a very nice chap.”

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