To be an HGV driver means taking on a good deal of responsibility. There is also a definite need in the industry for highly-skilled drivers. This scarcity makes it possible for you to earn a good HGV driver salary in the United Kingdom.  

How much do HGV drivers earn

Freelance or Temporary HGV Driver 

You have two basic options when it comes to starting your career. Getting someone to give you a permanent position when newly qualified. To gain experience, therefore, many new drivers sign up with an agency.  

This allows them to get ample experience and to improve their skills over time. This, in turn, makes it easier to find better-paid employment. 

The average freelance HGV driver salary per hour is going to be slightly higher than would be the case for someone starting out as a permanent driver. Just keep in mind that the agency will take a cut of that and that work is not guaranteed. 

How much you are paid depends on a range of factors – the length of the job, your skills and experience, what you are transporting, etc. It does also pay to check what the different agencies are offering as pay rates may fluctuate and they may ask you about your expected salary during your job interview 

Permanent HGV Driver 

HGV driver wages for permanent employees usually start at around £24 000 per annum. Depending on skill, experience and which industry your work in, that figure can go up to more than £35 000. 

The highest average truck driver salary in UK is for those in the mechanical engineering industry. Drivers here earn on average just over £31 000 a year. 

It’s a fair amount higher than your average LGV driver salary, and there is a lot more room for career advancement. The more experience you garner, the better your driving record and the more highly skilled you are, the more you can expect to earn per month.   

Because of the skill required for these positions, companies do place a premium on getting properly qualified staff. As a result, permanent packages can also come with an impressive range of benefits. The earning potential for permanent staff is good, and work is guaranteed while you are employed.  

HGV Career Development 

Once you have gained the necessary skills and knowledge, and have proven yourself a good driver, there are many ways to improve your career prospects and income. Don’t just think about HGVs as trucks or buses.  

There are, for example, cranes that are fitted to the back of trucks that require skill to operate. You could end up operating these cranes for a tidy sum, with hardly any driving involved. 

You can also upskill yourself and get certified as a driver who can transport hazardous cargo or goods that have a high value. You will get paid very well for these tasks.  

Want to get out of the driver’s seat? Why not study towards becoming an Operator CPC holder? This will enable you to further your career as a transport manager or if you like become an owner-operator. This is a challenging role but a rewarding one. 

This is an industry where you can go far. You just need to be willing to put in the time and effort.  

Did it get your attention? Why not become an HGV driver and start your journey by getting a training in a certified DVSA approved driving school? Nottinghamshire Driving School will give you a sufficient training give you a guarantee to become a professional HGV driver.