No two days are ever the same for obvious reasons even the same routine day in day out still throws up new challenges for a professional truck driver.

On a typical day, an early morning alarm clock goes off and even at 3am you will be fully rested. Why? You ask, tachograph legislation means you will have been parked up for at least 9 hours.

Now it’s time to prepare for the road (insert tachograph card, do mandatory vehicle checks etc. not forgetting breakfast and a brew to prepare the mind and body for a long day)

Time now to plan the route looking at the paperwork handed to you from the office. Checking online maps for delays, accidents or roadworks etc.

Let’s go trucking looks like a 15-hour shift think of the money (well over £200 for the day)

Now we go driving for almost 4.5 hours and arrive at the delivery point. Take a break for mandatory 45 minutes. Then take 3 hours to tip off the load wow over half the day done already.

Now we phone the office to find out the reload details. Route planning again before setting off.

On the road, again for 1 hour to reload destination then wait 50 minutes to get loaded and secure the load, time for another 45-minute break (bacon egg and beans in the café) Now it’s time to head back for the 4-hour drive to the yard.

That’s a full day done 15 hours (no 9-5 job here) time to go home now its 6pm and rest ready for another long day tomorrow.

So, we have done our bit to keep the country running and been paid very well for the privilege.