Shopping Centres in Birmingham

Shopping Centres in Birmingham


While in Birmingham, there are a lot of attractions and shopping malls you should visit. This time, we’re concerned with the latter. Want to celebrate after passing the hgv tests check this out and you’d be surprised at the sheer number of shopping centres that are housed by this beautiful city, so we’re here with the list of the best shopping centres in Birmingham so that you can plan ahead. Without any further ado, let’s see which ones are worth your time.

Birmingham Shopping Centre

Birmingham shops

1. Grand Central

The Grand Central sounds “grand” and it’s precisely what it is. A huge shopping mall which houses numerous prominent shops, all under one transparent, beautiful roof. There are plenty of places where you could shop until you drop and eat until you’re full, but what’s best about it is that the interior is very neatly organised. Even when it’s crowded, there will still be enough space for you to move on and about without too much pressure.

2. Bullring Birmingham

Bullring might be the most popular mall in the UK, but it’s certain that it’s one of the best shopping centres in Birmingham. It’s safe to say that everyone is stunned when they first enter here, as the interior is absolutely massive. It’s easy getting lost in there, as there are so many shops that you’ll quickly forget about everything else in a split second. Overall, when in Birmingham, visiting Bullring should be your number one priority.

3. ICC Mall

It might be smaller than Grand Central or less flashy than Bullring, but ICC Mall has it all. This shop looks very modern and has plenty of places you can visit, including the conference hall, plenty of shops, and fast food venues. Its architecture is plainly amazing, although the number of stores is a bit smaller in comparison to the other two centres we’ve seen so far.

4. The Mailbox

If huge shopping centres aren’t your thing, the cute little Mailbox will be just the perfect place for you. This shopping mall is usually not so crowded, and it houses plenty of smaller stores with affordable prices. What’s more, there are numerous places where you could rest and have your afternoon tea or a nice cup of coffee. It’s beautiful, minimalist, and affordable, so if that suits you, make sure to pay it a visit next time you’re in Birmingham.

5. Great Western Arcade

The Great Western Arcade (sometimes referred to as GWE) was built nearly a hundred years ago, although it withstood some damages during the world war II and was renovated back in the 1980s. This place is one of the most important Victorian shopping centres in Birmingham, and we warmly recommend that you visit it even as a cultural art piece – of course, there are plenty of shops and venues where you could get all sorts of trinkets, but this is definitely one of the best shopping centres in Birmingham, if not “the” best altogether. Check out the “Mr Simms” for premium-quality liquors, or A&H for some tasty macaroni or burgers – we assure you that this is one of those centres you’d want to spend your entire day in.

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