Top 6 Best Souvenir Shops in Birmingham

Top 6 Best Souvenir Shops in Birmingham

Birmingham Gift Shops

Shopping is always fun, but what’s even better is when you actually know where you are going and where you should be. If you want to buy some souvenir after visiting nottingham driving school you never regret reading this article because we offer you the list of the best souvenir shops in Birmingham so that you can pay attention to them while sightseeing:

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Specialty stores in Birmingham

1. Loki Wine Merchant and Tasting House

If you’re a wine enthusiast and you’re planning a vacation in Birmingham, there’s not a better place you can be apart from the Loki Wine Merchant. Neatly placed are some of the finest, most exquisite wine bottles in all of England, and what’s best about it is that you can even get a taste of their fine beverages. They’re located at 36 Great Western Arcade, so if you’re close, have some fine wine and beautiful time!

2. The Drinks Emporium

A bar and specialty shop in one, the Drinks Emporium is one of the best souvenir shops in Birmingham. This store specialises in all kinds of wines, and it’s safe to say that you couldn’t get a better deal even if you wanted to – their prices are fair, although there are bottles that range from ridiculously cheap to exceptionally expensive. They frequently host champagne tasting events, so it might not be a bad idea to stroll over to 217 Aston Road and visit them.

3. Selfridges

Most people are amazed by the sheer outward appearance of Selfridges – some people go as far as to label it as “space-age store”, as it looks as modern as can be. Inside you’ll be able to find all sorts of accessories, clothing, and there’s even a place for you to rest and grab a brunch. Just be wary, though, the place is enormous – it’s easy to get lost if you’re alone, so make sure to bring some friends if you’re ever in the Bullring shopping centre where it’s located.

4. Classic Diamonds

If you’re looking to get some quality bling, Classic Diamonds is the place to be. Essentially, this is a small store which sells all manners and forms of exquisite jewellery. The interior looks minimalistic if we take away the fact that it’s brimming with beautiful diamond pieces, but it’s all for comfort’s sake. You can find Classic Diamonds at 16 Vyse Street in Hockley.

5. Wing Yip

Wing Yip is a wonderful oriental specialty shop which offers all manners of premium-quality spices, food, dishes, tableware, and bunch of other smaller items. Generally, people who are looking to equip their kitchens with Asian pieces should pay a visit to The Wing Yip Centre at 375 Nechells Park Road. Just like Selfridges, this shop is huge, so bring a friend if you’re going else you might get lost.

6. Platinum Jewellers

We’ve seen what Classic Diamonds can offer you, and now it’s time for the Platinum Jewellers – a shop that specialises in the extravaganza. This is, basically, a small shop just like Classic Diamonds, but their selection of rings, watches, and jewels is unparalleled. They’re located at 40 Vyse Street, so don’t miss out if you’re near.

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