Here at Nottinghamshire Driving School we can provide site managers and supervisors with a range of CITB courses which are necessary should you wish to further your role in the construction industry. These courses are vital to ensure you are kept up-to-date on the latest health and safety laws, regulations and practices to keep construction sites safe.

What is CITB?

CITB (The Construction Industry Training Board) is a national accreditation body that is recognised as an official certification within the construction industry.

Those who wish to achieve a CITB accreditation can do so with Nottinghamshire Driving School which will ensure those learning can work effectively within construction environments and maintain a safe workplace.

CITB Grace Periods

Grace periods were no longer in effect as of the 31st of December 2015. This means for those who wish to remain qualified, they will be required to attend a refresher course before their certificate expires.
If a certificate becomes expired and the individual has failed to undertake a refresher course, they will have to complete a full course in order to receive a new certificate and remain qualified.

CITB Courses Available

Depending on the type of skill and training required, there are several options to choose from that offer various qualifications for different types of roles. Continue reading for a quick summary of each course and find out more information by clicking into the course.


CITB Health and Safety Awareness

CITB Health and Safety Awareness for most people is a first step into gaining the necessary qualifications when working in construction, as this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to understand:

• Health and safety laws
• Accident prevention
• Risk assessment
• Welfare and environmental issues

Continue to our CITB Health and Safety Awareness course page for more information.

SSSTS Course

SSSTS, also known as The Site Supervisory Safety Training Scheme is available as a full 2-day course and as a refresher 1-day course and is mainly aimed at those who wish to become or who are currently working as a site supervisor. Achieving an SSSTS accreditation is vital should you wish to continue in this role. During the course you will learn:

• How to support site managers
• In-depth knowledge of health and safety practices

Continue to our SSSTS course page for more details on both the full and refresher course.

SMSTS Course

SMSTS, also known as The Site Management Safety Training Scheme, is available as a full 5-day course and a refresher 2-day course and is designed for those in a current managerial position and/or those wishing to further their career as a site manager. Areas covered on the SMSTS course includes:

• CDM regulations
• Understanding safe methods of work for employees

Continue to our SMSTS course page for more details on both the full and refresher course.

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about our CITB courses, please find further details in regards to length, what’s involved and how to purchase your chosen course within each course page. If you would like to talk to a member of the team at Nottinghamshire Driving School please contact us by phone on 0115 987 5507, email or by completing in the contact form.