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Whether you agree with acquired rights (Grandfather Rights) or not, the fact that you are towing a caravan, horsebox or commercial trailer is justification enough that you should have the skills and confidence for the task.

It may have been sometime since you passed your car test or just obtained the acquired rights. Times have changed; roads are busier and caravans, horseboxes and trailers are lighter and wider.

So, wouldn’t it be prudent to brush up on your reversing, coupling, nose weight and loading skills?

The expense of damaging or losing your new caravan, horsebox or trailer would far out-way the cost of training.

Additionally, are you sure you are legal? Licensing laws have changed.

We offer a 1 hour FREE consultation or you can call us direct on 0115 987 5507 .

We can offer training that will give you peace of mind and leave you with no doubt that you will be able reverse, couple and uncouple and tow any type of trailer safely.

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