HIAB Training in Nottingham.

If you are in need of HIAB training in Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Leicester or South Yorkshire NDS can help.

HIAB is a common term used when referring to a lorry mounted crane or a lorry loader. If you’re looking for lorry loader training in Nottingham, a HIAB training course is what you’ll need.

In order to operate a HIAB it is important that you undergo specific HIAB training. Not only will this limit the chances of an injury or some sort of damage when operating the machinery, but it also gives you the confidence to know that you can operate a HIAB to a high standard. After all, they can be complex and knowing how to work the machinery is key. Plus, if you are properly trained in operating an HIAB you are going to be a more successful driver. Not only will this limit the amount of time you are spent completing jobs, but it can also lead to a safer working environment.

Our experienced HIAB instructors work with everyone from novices with no HIAB experience, right through to professionals who just want to improve their skills. Over the years we have worked with people of all ages and of different skill levels, so our trained instructors can tailor the HIAB course to meet your requirements. We have fully equipped premises and all HIAB training is held at our site in Nottingham, this allows for training in a relaxed and controlled environment with no distractions.


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