Driving skills are essential for any person looking to make a career in vocational driving or hauling industry. A good driver ensures the safety of their vehicle, passengers and goods. These qualities help maximise fuel efficiency, reduce road accidents and lower the wear and tear seen by vehicles. In the UK, Driver CPC training is vital for anyone driving a commercial vehicle. The aim of this legislation was to improve safety on roads and maintain a high standard of living. Under the Driver CPC Directive, a driver needs to hold Driver CPC in addition to their vocational driving license.

To get their license, the person needs to pass a series of theory and practical tests. Once these tests are cleared, the next step is the periodic training of 35 hours. This training needs to be done every 5 years if the driver wants to keep their Driver CPC. So they need to complete 35 hours of CPC training on an ongoing basis if they’re going to continue their career in commercial driving.

For CPC Periodic Training, courses are delivered to drivers over the 5 year period for which their CPC licence is valid. The five-year date will begin from the date of expiry of current CPC qualification held by the driver. It is training rather than a test, so there is no pass or fail result involved. The minimum length of Driver CPC training is 7 hours. These hours involve direct training and contact time with the trainer, so any breaks need to exclude. Every driver needs to do just one set of training every 5 years. 

The aim of Periodic CPC Training 

CPC Periodic Training

Periodic CPC aims to continue the professional development of coach, bus and lorry drivers. It is designed to improve the knowledge of the driver in a variety of subjects like Tachograph Regulations, Disability Awareness, Safe Driving and improving fuel efficiency. Even if a driver occasionally drives a commercial vehicle, Driver CPC is compulsory. Each course is evaluated to ensure it is benefiting the drivers who have undertaken the training.  

Delivery of Periodic Training 

Periodic training in the UK can be delivered only by training centres and courses that have been approved by JAUPT. These centres provide courses on behalf of the Competent Authority. The title, content and method of delivery of each training course are looked into and approved. 

After delivery of their first periodic training or initial qualification, the drivers need to maintain their CPC validity. They need to attend 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to continue to drive vehicles under the scope of Driver CPC. 

If you are not a new driver, then you may qualify for an exemption in the theory and practical tests for Driver CPC. But, periodic training is compulsory for all drivers without any exemption. If you are unable to complete this training, you need to pay the fine and your license may be suspended. So do not miss the deadline for Driver CPC training and get valuable information and training for your career. 

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