It has been seen that there is a high degree of misunderstanding surrounding licence categories and entitlements. This confusion is particularly high for drivers aspiring to make a career in HGV, bus, lorries, coaches and more. Right from ignorance about basic regulations to confusion regarding test patterns, several questions need to address. One of the most common areas of doubts is the Acquired Rights of Driver CPC. Some drivers are under the impression that Driver CPC rules do not apply to them as they got their driving license before this legislation came into effect. Well, that’s certainly not the case. Drivers are either unaware of the Acquired Rights or do not understand its different entitlements. Driver CPC Acquired rights are also commonly referred to as Grandfather Rights. Having sufficient knowledge of Driver CPC Acquired Rights will help you decide whether it is essential for your career in the driving industry or not. 

Driver CPC Acquired Rights Explained 

Driver CPC Acquired Rights

To get Driver CPC under Acquired Rights, it is vital that the person is already a professional bus, lorry or coach driver. It has been designed for commercial drivers who got their licence before the Driver CPC rules were composed. It is for drivers who already held a complete vocational driving licence on the date Driver CPC came into effect.  

In this case, the working experience of the person as a professional driver for bus, coach or lorry is considered equivalent to taking the initial Driver CPC test. The person only needs to take the 35 hours training to get their Driver CPC Card. This training needs to be done every 5 years to keep the Driver CPC. 

A person can apply for Acquired Rights in the following cases –

1. The person is a lorry driver and has acquired their vocational licence before 10 September 2009 under any of the following licence categories –  

  • C1  
  • C+E  
  • C1+E  

2. The person is a coach or bus driver and has acquired their vocational licence before 10 September 2008 under any of the following licence categories – 

  • D 
  • D1 
  • D+E  
  • D1+E 

A driver is not entitled to Acquired Rights if the licence was acquired before January 1997 and has a – 

  • 079 code 
  • D (not for hire or reward) 
  • D1 (not for hire or reward) 

In case you have acquired your Driver CPC under Acquired Rights – 

  • Lorry Drivers need to do a 35 hours training needs to be done by 9 September 2014 
  • Coach or bus drivers need to do a 35 hours training before 9 September 2013 

Acquired Rights basically means that the drivers with a full vocational licence do not require separate qualifications for Driver CPC. They need to complete 35 hours of training every 5 years for the duration in which they want to keep their licence.  

Not holding a Driver CPC is considered as a breach of law and can result in professional consequences. So, make sure you have applied for Driver CPC or qualify for Acquired Rights to get your Driver CPC.