Driver CPC Training

By law, if you obtained your LGV licence before September 2009 and use it commercially you must complete driver CPC training. If you’re looking for driver CPC training in Nottingham or the surrounding areas, we can help. At Nottinghamshire Driving School we specialise in helping drivers undertake the training they need in order to drive the vehicles they need to; whether this be for work or for leisure.

All of our instructors and training specialists at Nottinghamshire Driving School are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. This means you can attend your driver CPC training knowing you are receiving the very best service. Plus, you have the advantage of modern classrooms, all course content and refreshments. We really do take the time to ensure your training is an enjoyable experience.

Don’t Stress Over Driver CPC Training

The prospect of needing driver CPC training can cause some people to stress and worry, but there’s really no need. If you are experienced in driving light goods or heavy goods vehicles, the chances are you won’t have a problem and you’ll have it completed in no time. In fact, there are no exams or tests with driver CPC training and passing is based on attendance only. So, as long as you turn up and complete the sessions you’ll do just fine.

To complete the driver CPC training in Nottingham you must attend 35 hours of training, split into five sessions. Each seven hour session focuses on a different module and the entire day is structured to ensure everything is covered; we can cater each day to company specific needs if required.

All of our driver CPC training courses in Nottingham are held in line with Government legislation and once you have completed the course, you will be certified straight away. That means there’s no waiting around for documents to come through or for your license to be updated, once the driver CPC training is complete you’re good to go.

Book Driver CPC Training in Nottingham

It’s important to remember that if you obtained your LGV license before September 2009 you must complete driver CPC training, failing to do so means you are not legally allowed to drive an LGV for work purposes and fines may be given.

Book your driver CPC training in Nottingham today by contacting Nottinghamshire Driving School. Get in touch on 0115 987 5507 or via our online booking form.