Everything You Need to Know About HGV Exam

Once you have finished your HGV training course, doesn’t mean you can move on and apply for a job. HGV driver aspirants must take initial HGV qualification assessment to obtain a Driver CPC certification and become a licensed professional driver.

Just like other exams, taking the Driver CPC test is never easy and you only have 2 options – you either pass or fail. But don’t worry! There is always a way to pass the exam, all you need is to be 100% prepared and confident. Review all what you have learned from the training and apply it to your exam.

What is CPC Certification?

CPC Certification or Certificate of Professional Competence is a legal requirement for all professional commercial drivers holding Category C and Category D licence. There are some exceptions and scenarios established by law where you do not need the CPC Certification:

  • You are driving a vehicle used for non-commercial goods or passengers for your personal use.
  • You are driving for the purpose of getting a driver’s licence or a Driver CPC.
  • You are driving a vehicle that is either under repair or newly built which have not yet used into service.
  • You are driving within 62 miles of your base, without carrying passenger or goods and commercial driver is not your main profession.
  • You are driving a vehicle carrying any material or equipment that you use for your job, in providing that driving is not your main profession
  • You are driving a vehicle that is under controlled by the armed forces, police, rescue services and/or other local authority tasked with public order maintenance.
  • You are driving for rescue mission or in the state of emergency.

Furthermore, bus, lorry and coach drivers must be CPC certified, otherwise, you can be fined with up to £1000 for driving the said vehicle type without Driver CPC. 

After your Initial CPC training, prepare yourself with CPC examination. This exam will test your knowledge and skills that you have learned from your training centre. Mainly, the Driver CPC test has 4 parts.

1. Theory Test

The Theory Test composed of two separate assessment exams – multiple choice along with hazard perception and has a total of 200 test questions to designated passing score. The HGV driver candidate is not allowed to proceed to Driving Ability exam until he/she passes the HGV theory test.

2. Case Studies

The test is composed of 7 case studies that you will work on a computer. Basically, they are short stories based on real-life situation.

3. Driving ability

HGV candidate can drive a vehicle as part of the exam with supervision of DVSA assessor. During the test, the assessor will provide you directions to test your driving knowledge that will include everything from vehicle safety questions, practical road driving to off-road exercises.

4. Practical Demonstration

As the last part of the exam, this may be the hardest as the required score is higher than other tests. The exam is made up to 5 topics dealing with safety rules of vehicle loading, stopping of illegal immigrant trafficking, assessment of emergency situations, reducing physical risks to yourself and others and walk-around vehicle safety checks based from the Driver CPC Syllabus. You are being assessed by your understanding on how HGV vehicles should operate in terms of safety and regulatory compliance. 

Taking these 4 parts of exam doesn’t need to be in order.

You must take Part 2 first.

Then Part 1 then Part 4 or Part 3.

However, you must pass Part 1 prior taking Part 3 and pass Part 2 prior to Part 4. 

Result – Pass or Fail?

If you pass the exam, Congratulations! You are now a certified HGV driver. Your provisional licence will be changed to full driver CPC licence card and your card will be deliver to your address.  

Assuming that you fail the exam, do not lose hope! The examiner will provide you a test report and will explain why you haven’t passed. Please listen carefully as this will be your key to succeed on your second try. You need to wait at least three working days before you can retake. 

There is no magic for passing the exam but if you show confidence, review and practise there is a huge chance of succeeding your HGV test. When you enrol to our NDS HGV training programme, our trainer will provide you extensive training and support you until the end for your sure pass.

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