If you’re thinking about becoming a LGV or HGV driver you’ll need to undergo HGV training, often referred to as category C training. Though HGV driver training can seem daunting it is necessary if you are looking to start a career in this type of industry. Simply, without the correct training you will not be able to legally start working as a HGV driver. Most drivers find that completing HGV driver training is a lot easier than first thought and the entire process is relatively straightforward. So, how does HGV driver training work?

HGV Driver Training: The Process

With more and more HGV jobs becoming available and the increasing demand for drivers, we’ve seen more people than ever wanting to get their HGV licence. Most people find their HGV driver training to be an enjoyable experience and though there is a lot to learn, it is an interesting and informative course. HGV driver training can be split into different stages, all of which are available at Nottinghamshire Driving School. However, before beginning the course there are two things that all drivers must do.

  • All drivers require a doctor’s medical check up before beginning their training. This can be booked with your own doctor or with the team here at Nottinghamshire Driving School. However, without this you will not be able to complete training.
  • All drivers must apply for a provisional HGV licence before beginning their training. Much like a standard provisional driving licence, this allows you to learn to drive a heavy goods vehicle. Please allow two to three weeks for this to arrive.

Once training begins there are four modules to complete, each of which vary slightly. Modules are made up of theory tests, knowledge tests and practical examinations; all the training and information for these is given by our trained professionals. Some of the modules require a pass before moving on to the next stage and there are certain marks required. However, with the correct training and learning materials you’ll be well prepared.

HGV Driver Training in Nottingham

If you are based in Nottinghamshire or the surrounding areas, you won’t find yourself too far away from Nottinghamshire Driving School. The team at Nottinghamshire Driving School is made up of professional drivers, HGV experts and trained professionals. This means you’re in capable hands. To book your HGV driver training today, get in touch. Contact us today on 0115 987 5507 or book your course online.