Being an HGV driver is a rewarding career through the years. Once you get the ability to drive heavy goods vehicles, more opportunities are waiting for you.  However, you need to be a qualified driver first before you can drive an HGV. In some sense, you can get lucky and obtain a truck licence card by self-studying, but it will be hard for you once you take the Practical test for CPC licence exam especially when you do not own a lorry. Hence, an HGV training programme is essential that could help you to reach your driving career goal. 

LGV training

Importance of Training 

Training will always be involved no matter what profession you have decided. You must be fully prepared before you have your actual work. Employers would have a doubt to hire if you even haven’t had a glimpse of experience in the work that you have applied for, which is why a practicum is mandatory in all universities and colleges. 

HGV training programme is designed for aspirants to become a qualified professional HGV driver. A training is necessary, especially when you are just starting to your HGV driving career, even professional HGV drivers are encouraged to have their periodic training every 5 years to stay updated with rules. Above all, taking training programmes will provide your best training needs to enable you to familiarise with all phases of professional HGV driving. 

Skilled Instructors 

HGV driving instructors are the main asset of all HGV training centres. Companies are cautious in hiring trainers as this will reflect the company’s image. When you say skilled trainers, they are technically should have adequate experience in driving and HGV. Expect that Certified driver experts will be with you throughout the whole course as he is responsible for coaching students about training from driving safety rules and regulations, road transport, basic S reverse, to actual road driving.  

Classroom Training 

Various lectures, including road safety regulations, loading and unloading securement and even mock-up or test preparation for Driver’s CPC will be held to this place. Everything you have learned in the classroom will be put in use for your future job so listen carefully. 

Actual Training 

This is the main event of the training programme. Most of the lectures that you have learned from the classroom will be applied in actual driving to test if you are really prepared to take the licencing exam. Your professional trainer will be with you to guide your first time driving and help you work on issues that may arise during the process. 

Job assistance 

Once the student has completed the course and passed the CPC licence exam, part of the programme is to assist him with job-hunting for a driving position. The school has the updated job database that you can look upon whether a job vacancy near your location or across the country. 

A self-support won’t help you in this case, it could be a time consuming as it may double the time of your learning compare to being a member in HGV course. Investing your time and money in an HGV training programme is definitely not a pain in the neck but rather a convenience. If you worry about the money, there are driving schools that offer discounts and can able to offer a finance just for you.