How To Get Forklift Licence?

In most jobs that involve the operation of heavy equipment, it is important to have the necessary certifications on hand. Driving a forklift is one of those jobs. It is best to have a forklift license before you begin working as a forklift operator.

Why a Forklift Licence is important

Acquiring a forklift licence is like acquiring a driver’s license. No employer would allow you to drive a forklift without one. That means the licence plays an integral role in your getting a job as a forklift operator.

Having a forklift licence also shows that you’ve undergone forklift training, which is a requirement of UK Health & Safety ensuring you can operate a forklift safely without putting yourself and others at risk.

You should realise that there are about 8,000 forklift accidents in the UK every year, with at least ten fatalities. You don’t want to be part of these statistics.

You also have a bright future as a licensed forklift driver as there’s an increasing demand for forklift operators in our country. Fortunately, obtaining a forklift license in the UK is quite easy.

Get a Forklift License in Four Simple Steps

Choose the Right School

To begin with, you need to identify your desired skills and the kind of forklift you want to operate. Then, you should find a reputable training centre, such as Nottinghamshire Driving School (NDS), which has the right equipment and qualified personnel to train you on those skills.

Attend Forklift Training Classes

Once you find and join the right training institution, be sure to attend all the lessons. You want to have all that it takes to be a competent forklift operator. Comprehensive forklift training should encompass the following:

  • Theoretical knowledge – This part of training is geared to make you understand the various types of forklifts and their respective applications. You’ll also learn how forklift mechanisms work to enable such small vehicles to lift and transport heavy loads effortlessly.
  • Practical competency  You can’t operate a forklift with theoretical knowledge alone. You have to learn how to apply that knowledge to a real-life situation. That’s where this part of training comes in. It’s geared to equip you with hands-on skills to operate a forklift competently and safely.
  • Safety training – If not operated in the right manner, forklifts can cause costly accidents and damages. This is why you need to be trained on various aspects of forklift safety, including how to inspect the equipment, how to identify and avert potential hazards, and how to uphold the safety of others.

Undergo the Forklift Certification Test

You need to prove that you have understood and internalised all that you’ve been taught by actually driving a forklift. You need to prove to the instructor that you are competent to be cleared for a forklift licence.

Obtain a Competency Certificate

Once you complete the forklift training course and pass all the required tests, you will be awarded a certificate as proof of competency. With this certificate, you have a high chance of getting a forklift driver job.

You can get comprehensive forklift training at NDS. To learn more about NDS forklift training and certification, click here.

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