Office Manager

Kayleigh works in a very busy office where she organises all the bookings for B+E, C1+E, C and C+E training and tests. She also organises and arranges all the CPC classroom based classes ensuring all the uploads are placed on Government computers.

Kayliegh has been trained in house to ensure she is knowledgeable about all aspects of training. When a customer calls she is able to answer all queries within a complex and complicated industry without having to call customers back with answers to their queries. From the minute a customer calls she deals with that enquiry with excellent communication via email and phone all the way through to the end dealing with their bookings, training and test.

She arranges all board meetings and takes and provides copies of the minutes and deals with all the accounts and payments.

Kayleigh is married with 2 young children and she is actively involved in the charities we sponsor. She is good at putting our customers at ease and she has an excellent sense of humour. She is very efficient and the backbone of this organisation ensuring everything runs smoothly.