Best Budget Restaurants in Leeds

Best Budget Restaurants in Leeds


England is most certainly not a cheap place – the food is quite expensive, and the same goes for drinks and lodging. if you are having a hard day on your driving lessons there are certain places where you could spend a night in Birmingham hotels where you can release your stress without requiring you to pay an arm and a leg in return. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to the best budget hotels in Birmingham. 

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Best Budget Restaurants in Leeds

1. Pizza Fella

The first spot you’ll like to visit is Pizza Fella – these guys make some of the finest pizzas and won’t charge you as much as prominent Italian restaurants. The Pizza Fella’s menu is comprised of numerous options, ranging from the least expensive, plain pizzas with but a handful of toppings, to the extravaganza, styled pizzas with all sorts of excellent ingredients.   

If you came from a long drive practising to drive lorries from an HGV driving school, Pizza Fella is the answer to your growling stomach! You’ll be able to find their humble venue on the Vicar Lane LS2 7NL, so make sure to pay them a visit next time you’re hungry for quality pizza! 

2. La Besi

La Besi is one of those restaurants that will make you feel like you belong there. It’s a family business that brims with warmth all over, be it from fresh pizza being served or from the lovely people grabbing their lunch, or maybe both. One of the best things about La Besi is that you’ll be able to bring your very own wine, which means that you’ll be able to have a full Italian meal at the lowest possible price. You can find them on the Clarendon Road 211.

3. My Thai

There are people that got the wrong idea that My Thai is a kickboxing club, mainly due to the similarities between the name of this wonderful restaurant and the noble sport of Muay Thai. You may find some fighters here, but you’ll mainly treat your eyes (and your stomach) to premium-quality budget pizza, among other wonderful dishes this restaurant offers (Curry, Fried Rice, Tamarind duck, etc.).

Fast food was never as fresh as in My Thai, so if you want to eat properly without paying too much, take a stroll to 43 Wade Lane, and you’ll find it.

4. Viva

Just like La Besi, Viva is a beautiful family restaurant that offers exceptionally tasty pizzas and pasta dishes. Their prices are, however, a tad higher in comparison, but they’re still cheap enough to be declared as one of the Leeds’ finest budget restaurants.

5. Cantina

The last budget restaurant in Leeds we recommend you check out is called Cantina, and it’s a full-fledged vegan restaurant. Every single dish these guys are offering doesn’t cost much at all, and there’s something for everyone, including chunky chips, chipotle mayo, Seitan Strips, and all manners of vegetable-based grubs. You can find Cantina by The Old Red Bus Station on 101 Vicar Lane, so if you’re looking to score some greenies, make sure to check them out.

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