Castles in Leeds, England

Castles in Leeds, England

A foreword about Leeds

England indeed is beautiful, and its sheer exquisiteness shines the brightest in its plethora of smaller cities, Leeds included. This city has a rich history – it was a relatively small manorial borough which sprang to life during the 13th century, becoming a massive production centre during the 17th century. Being several hundreds of years old, Leeds is full of marvellous, breath-taking castles, and we aim to show you around some of the finest ones. If you are stress out from HGV test centres after taking the exam, why not pay a visit and take some fresh air to our castles rich in history.

Helmsley Castle in Leeds

1. Allerton Castle

Allerton Castle is located on the Allerton Maulerver, and it’s one of the most stunning sights you’ll ever see. The exterior of the castle is gothic and intimidating, to say the very least while the interior is pretty modern. Even though most people could admire the view for hours, we strongly recommend that you go inside if you have the chance – the grand staircase, the exquisite furniture, and all manner of extravaganza should not be missed.

2. Skipton Castle

Though Skipton Castle may appear a bit duller when compared to Allerton Castle, at first sight, it’s a perfect place for people who admire minimalistic, straightforward architecture. You can even relax in the picnic area or have a tea with your friends in their new tea room.

The huge towers hug the slightly renovated gates, and the only views that are not as appealing are the new windows – the entire castle has endured the tooth of time, but the same can’t be said for the glassy parts, which stick out, perhaps, just a tad too much. Skipton Castle is located at the Bailey, not far from the Water Street.

3. Conisbrough Castle

The Conisbrough Castle sits atop the Castle Hill and it’s one of the biggest forts in all England. The huge walls, though partially demolished, will leave you in awe, or will until you spot the giant itself. Their grounds are well kept and beautiful, superbly complemented by the exceptional architecture around it – we encourage you to pay a visit as soon as possible.

4. Pickering Castle

If you’re a fan of the “Lord of the Rings”, visiting Pickering Castle will bring a sense of nostalgia in you – its exterior resembles that of the shire, minus the huge walls and several watchtowers, that is. That being said, you’ll be able to enjoy and take pictures of green landscapes and some beautiful architecture. The Pickering Castle can be found in Castlegate, nearby the Undercliffe.

5. Helmsley Castle

While exploring the Pickering Castle, you might feel inclined to pay a visit to the Helmsley Castle as well, as it’s also a part of the ever so beautiful Castlegate (only this castle is near the Bridge Street, rather than Undercliffe).

This castle is ransacked for the most part – the walls, the towers, and the main fort have all suffered tremendous damage, but are still standing still despite decades and centuries of neglect. In fact, the sheer fact that this castle is in ruins is what makes it an ideal place for you to take a stroll or a couple of unique photos.

– Reference Video: Bartosz Jędrzejewski

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