The Finest Afternoon Tea in Leeds

The Finest Afternoon Tea in Leeds

Where can you find the finest afternoon tea in Leeds?

Are you really in the UK if you haven’t had your afternoon cup of tea? Of course, drinking at home is a tradition and a well-preserved custom, but what about the people who want to experience what it’s like to be an Englishman? Those who are in Leeds are in for quite a treat, as we’ve assembled a list of the places where you can enjoy the finest afternoon tea, so without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Afternoon tea in Leeds

1. La Chalet

The first place you should visit if you want to relax with a nice cup of tea in Leeds after a long stressful day of training in Nottinghamshire Driving School is most certainly La Chalet. This is a rather small family based bakery, as well as a tearoom where all things sugary and sweet are in abundance. Whether you are looking for a breath of relief from the stressful day at work or want to pump up your sugar, these guys will help you. On top of that, if you’re feeling particularly charitable, you could spice things up with a glass of premium-quality champagne or wine here.

2. Harvey Nichols

A humble cafe to some, a place of esteem to most, the Harvey Nichols is a tearoom with plenty of happy visitors. Here you could order all kinds of exquisite afternoon tea styles and packages, herbal teas and fruity ones included. What’s best about Harvey Nichols is that their prices aren’t too high, and they boast a huge variety of teas, foods, wines, and champagnes, so people who want to enjoy their afternoon tea in style, don’t miss out on this beautiful place.

3. Just Grand

Just Grand is, well, grand true to form. This place looks a bit of nostalgic and is located in the very heart of UK’s Leeds, but what makes them so popular is the fact that their vintage-like tearoom offers nothing but premium-quality tea, pies, crisps, as well as pale and bitter ale. People of all kinds and sorts will enjoy themselves here, so it’s only normal that you could find both solitude or company here.

4. Malmaison

Luxurious and prominent, Malmaison is more of a bar than a tearoom. This exquisite place boasts a very interesting catalogue comprised of exotic foods, excellent drinks, and all that topped with some of the finest afternoon tea packages. Treat yourself to a luxurious cup of tea laden with treats and sweets, or just enjoy a cup or two while marvelling at the beautiful interior of this fine tearoom. We recommend that you check Malmaison out not because they’re cheap, but because they’re good, and the same goes for their tea deals.

5. Tetley Bar And Kitchen

Don’t miss out Tetley Bar, as you’ll regret it sorely – people who visited here had nothing but praise regarding the food and drinks, but what everyone is “yelping” about in recent days is the outstanding quality of tea served at Tetley’s bar and kitchen. “Plain beautiful” would be the words that would best describe both the people and their service, so if you want to have a good time, pay Tetley’s a visit.

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