If you’re interested in beginning a career driving for a living or if you already have a LGV licence, you’ve probably heard of driver CPC training; it’s possible that a potential employer has mentioned that it’s a requirement for driving commercial LGV vehicles. Luckily, if you are starting a LGV driving course now or have completed one since September 2009 then your driver CPC training is taken care of, as it’s included in the course. So, you don’t need to worry. However, if you obtained your licence before September 2009 and use it commercially, you must complete driver CPC training; this is a legal requirement.

Using your LGV licence commercially without driver CPC training is illegal and doing so can lead to fines for you and your employer. This is why we recommend booking onto a driver CPC training course as soon as possible. After all, the sooner the course is completed the sooner you can continue working. At Nottinghamshire Driving School we offer driver CPC training in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

What Is Driver CPC Training All About?

At first glance, driver CPC training can seem daunting. Though, it’s important to not be put off. The entire course is relatively straight forward and those with driving experience shouldn’t be alarmed, as the chances are you will be familiar with a lot of what’s covered anyway. It’s simpler and easier than passing a driving test or studying for a brand new certification. Plus, there are no exams and passing the course is based on your attendance. So, it really is as simple as turning up and paying attention.

The course itself is split into different sessions and modules, with 35 hours of course time that needs to be completed in total. Most people who take the CPC training split their time into five sessions of seven hours each; this ensures everything is covered and the course doesn’t take too long. It’s also how we recommend the course is tackled. Though, if you do require a different schedule or have unique circumstances, Nottinghamshire Driving School can offer a bespoke alternative.

Driver CPC Training at Nottinghamshire Driving School

At Nottinghamshire Driving School we offer driving CPC training to anyone that needs it. When you book your driver CPC training with us you are guaranteed a professional learning environment with experienced instructors.

Find out more about the courses we offer at Nottinghamshire Driving School by getting in touch on 0115 987 5507. Alternatively, book your driver CPC training online today.